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Did you get awfully tired of obvious avatar maker?
Or do you wanna make more natural and realistic character?
If so, use 'Toon Face Maker'!
By just moving your finger, you can create caricatures that look like real hand-drawn image.


Do you think we can make natural half-side view caricature with just application?
It's possible. Use 'Toon Face Maker'!
And it's also easy with about 500 items made by professional illustrator.
Items ,that cleaded up stroke and side one by one, match naturally in any facial form and any color.
You can control each items without any buttons by multi-touching.
Half-side view also looks more three-dimensional than front view.
Show off your latent drawing skills and good remembering.

Is it annoying to select items one by one? Just click random button.
Unique faces that you've never imagined before will inspire you.
Is the result naughty? It's OK.
You can edit the saved image any time in gallery menu.


Is the result is so beautiful that it was a waste to be seeing it alone?
You can upload pic into Twitter or Facebook right after you make it.
Of course, you don't have to do that.
You can also export it to the Photo album, to a contact, and to include in an email.
Make your friend's caricature and share it with your friends.
Surprise your friends with your brilliant ability!

We are trying to make interesting apps always!
Thank you.

• Features

- iPhone 4 Retina display support
- iOS multitasking support
- Simple and Easy Interface.
- 500 various character items.
- Naturally hand-drawn feel of characters.
- Almost infinite combinations of items.
- easy control of position, rotation and scale
- eye and brow spacing control capability
- selected 34 color for each part.
- hats and mustaches sub items.
- Random character creation capability
- Modifying and editing of saved images.
- Add characters to contact profile
- Add character to photo album
- upload to Twitter and Twitpic with message
- upload to Facebook with message

更新: 2013-02-13

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