European Art

European Art

Aliaksei Baturski


更新:2013-04-26 分类:生活,教育


App contains more than 800 works from European collections of classic and modern masters of world art. The collection presented 18 genres of painting - animals, veduta, landscape, pastoral, parsuna, still life, portrait, historical, battle genre, and many others.

Feature highlights:

✓ More than 800 pictures of classic and modern masters of art
✓ Separation of pictures by authors and genres
✓ Easily search for paintings
✓ Custom filter results
✓ Favorites
✓ Slideshow
✓ Send pictures via email
✓ Download HD pictures from server in photoalbum
✓ Getting the HD version (high resolution) of each picture via email
✓ Support for HD graphics on iPad
✓ Public pictures on Facebook

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更新: 2013-04-26

分类: 生活,教育

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