Car Disassembly 3D

Car Disassembly 3D

Noble Empire Limited


更新:2013-03-07 分类:娱乐,游戏,模拟游戏,智力游戏


Disassemble and reassemble the parts of a car in the new Car Disassembly 3D! Take full control of the custom hot rod as you discover its parts from the hood and tires down to its gears and screws! Enjoy spectacular high-definition retina graphics along with sound effects that put you in the front seat!

Want to recolor the car? Want toadd a hood? Or maybe change the wheels? With various customization options, you can tune the car to make it look exactly the way you want it!

Test out your assembly and disassembly skills in GAME mode, where you compete with players AROUND THE WORLD in a challenge to see who has the fastest time! Need help with parts? No problem! In-game hints guide you step-by-step!

- Play around with highly detailed parts in full 3D
- Two models are available: Custom Hot Rod, AC Cobra
- Enjoy real-like animations and moving objects
- Try out five game modes: Demo, Operation, Disassembly, Assembly, and Game
- Set your level of difficulty with Casual or Normal
- Four levels of X-Ray lets you see under the hood, revealing the inner parts
- Universal app: iPhone, iPod, and iPad, all in stunning retina display

** COMING SOON: Lotus 7 **
** COMING SOON: “Start Engine functionality with animated parts complete with sound effects **


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更新: 2013-03-07

分类: 娱乐,游戏,模拟游戏,智力游戏

版本: 1.3

大小: 42.98M

公司: Noble Empire Limited