Pinocchio - Interactive Book for Children

Pinocchio - Interactive Book for Children

Playtales, S.L.


更新:2012-10-26 分类:图书,教育


**PlayTales presents the story of Pinocchio, the puppet who wanted to be a real boy**

The elderly carpenter Geppetto, tired of being lonely, decides to build a puppet modeled after a boy, which he names Pinocchio. Moved by the old carpenter´s sadness, a magic fairy brings the puppet to life. But the boy´s nose grows every time he lies and he must be on his best behavior if he wants to become a real boy. Thus begins a beautiful adventure full of love, fun and tenderness...

Enjoy the narration of this children´s literature classic, illustrated with impeccable animations and full of sound effects and innovative interactive elements that give this immortal story a fresh appearance, without detracting from its charm.

But the story goes beyond all that, because it allows you to participate in the story´s narration with four entertaining mini-games. Now you can make your own puppet in the true Geppetto style; and you even have the option of operating your puppet creation! You must also answer the questions you´re asked truthfully if you don´t want your nose to grow. Finally, tickle the whale in order to escape from its belly.

•Guaranteed interactive surprises!!
•21 pages of color graphics
•Mini-games included!
•Narration of the text
•Enchanting sound effects!
•Original music compositions.
•Option of ´Read myself’, ´Read it to me´ and ‘Autoplay’.
•For readers over 8 years old.

更新: 2012-10-26

分类: 图书,教育

版本: 1.0.1

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公司: Playtales, S.L.